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Benefits of GAHC Membership

Membership is open to any firm interested or engaged in affordable housing. Once a firm becomes a member, all staff from the firm are covered in the membership. Member firms include developers, lenders, investors, management companies, attorneys, accounting firms, various consultants, architects, construction firms and public agencies. While the collective impact the organization has on the QAP and other policy/legislation is a critical reason to join the Coalition, there are a number of other benefits as well. In addition to the networking opportunities the Coalition provides, members receive email alerts, legislative updates, national industry news, event information and access to research. The Members Only section of the website offers members the ability to view various documents a way to communicate with other members in real time, and the opportunity to share information on upcoming events and any other news relevant to their company.

Members receive a discount on registration for the annual fall conference. Each spring, members are invited to an annual event exclusively for members. The Coalition provides members with access to contact information for their elected officials.

The Georgia Affordable Housing Coalition is the premier advocate for affordable rental housing in Georgia. By becoming a member, you directly support the Coalition''s efforts to impact policy and provide innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the affordable housing industry.

The Coalition offers two types of membership. Full membership, $2000 for the year, is open to any firm interested or engaged in affordable housing. Firms that are not a full-time or predominately affordable housing enterprise may apply for associate membership, $1000 for the year, and will be considered by the Board of Directors. The Coalition's year is from July 1-June 30.

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