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GAHC Committees

We encourage all members to get involved by serving on a committee. Involvement provides a unique opportunity for members to help develop policies and programs and serves as a forum to share common interests and knowledge with fellow colleagues. Please contact the committee chairs for meeting dates:

Policy Committee
The Policy Committee is comprised of Board Members. This committee is concerned with overarching policy issues and sets direction for Coalition activities. The Committee considers trends, housing needs and production, program financing, state policy, obstacles and other conditions and makes recommendations to the Board with respect to any action steps needed to ensure the long term success of the industry and Coalition members. Policy direction recommended by the committee and accepted by the Board informs discussions for the QAP-Technical Committee, the Management/Compliance Committee and the Government Relations Committee.

Management/Compliance Committee
Chaired by Bill Harris of Lane Company, the Management/Compliance Committee considers everyday issues affecting the management/compliance aspects of the low income housing tax credit program and works to resolve problems with the appropriate agencies. The committee works on utility allowances, DCA policy and forms, IRS rules, etc… as well as other issues as they arise. Representatives from DCA’s compliance section are a part of this committee.

QAP –Technical Committee
The QAP-Technical Committee, chaired by Bryant Coats of RHA, looks at the QAP and other resources from a technical or practical standpoint, and considers ways that programs might be improved. This committee is comprised of individuals with significant QAP and finance/resource program experience representing the various disciplines –finance, development, compliance an design, for example and includes representatives from the urban, rural and suburban perspectives. This committee makes recommendations to the Board and ultimately to DCA.

Government Relations
Chaired by (to be announced) the Government Relations Committee works closely with the Coalition’s federal legislative consultant, Nooley Reinheardt of Nooley Reinheardt and Associates, and state legislative consultant, Jet Toney of Cornerstone Communications Group, to monitor existing law, track new legislation and determine GA PAC activities.